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No. of RoomsUnit TypeSqm / SqftStackPrice Min.Price Max.
1 BedroomA1, A1-R, A2, A2-G, A2-R, A3, A3-G, A3-R, A4, A4-G, A4-R409 - 474 sqft01, 05, 11, 13, 14, 15$1,487,000$1,689,000
2 BedroomB1, B1-R, B2, B2-G, B2-R, B3, B3-G, B3-R592 - 721 sqft03, 04, 09, 18, 19SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
3 BedroomC1, C1-R, C2, C2-G, C2-R, C3, C3-G904 - 1066 sqft02, 06, 08, 12, 16$2,739,000$3,012,000
4 BedroomD1 (PL), D1-G (PL), D2 (PL), D2-G (PL), D2-R (PL)1432 - 1464 sqft07, 20$3,781,000$4,703,000
4 Bedroom PremiumD3P (PL), D3P-G (PL), D3P-R (PL)1733 - 1808 sqft10, 17$4,693,000$5,939,000
4-Bedroom PenthousePH1 (PL)3272 sqft17SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
5-Bedroom PenthousePH2 (PL)3520 sqft07SOLD OUTSOLD OUT
Sky–Bungalow*New Duplex Layout*3616 sqft10, 17$15,500,000$16,500,000

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Last Updated: 1st February 2023

Singapore’s Region 7 qualities are in a prime location. The area is just a traditional region with spectacular cultural feelings, history, and a few cool places. It is a good place to spend because it is near to the CBD. Whenever you stay here, you’ve use of everything. Citizens take advantage of the region’s increased transportation system, which enables them for connecting to various locations and make the most of regional amenities and facilities.
That is a good position to begin if you’re buying a new spot to live. Because there is anything for everybody in the family to take pleasure from, the area is ideal for household living. Apart from the exemplary colleges based just a small walk from Midtown Modern , there are numerous searching destinations, restaurants, and interesting places to visit. The area is ideal for working and living in a lavish placing, with many essential goods and services nearby.
Here are a couple of things to look forward to if you live in this kind of area of Singapore:
Midtown Modern is merely a 2-3 minute walk from Bugis MRT Station.

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🚆2 Existing MRT Lines Right Downstairs
🍃Dedicated 80% Landscape and Facilities Coverage
💝You Can Only Imagine What’s the Upside Potential at Such Attractive PSF

🔥1BR FR $1.487M | 409sf
🔥1BR(B) FULLY SOLD | 474sf
🔥2BR FULLY SOLD | 592sf
🔥2BR(B) FULLY SOLD | 635sf
🔥2BR(P) FULLY SOLD | 721sf
🔥3BR FR $2.739M | 904sf
🔥3BR(P) FULLY SOLD | 1066sf
🔥4BR FR $3.781M | 1442sf
🔥4BR(P) FR $4.693M | 1808sf
🔥Duplex Sky Bungalow FR $15.5M

Unbelievable starting price from $𝟐,𝟓xx 𝐩𝐬𝐟 🤩


Midtown Modern NEW Duplex
A Rare Gem For The Selected Few

💥 Launching soon
💥 1 unit of Duplex Penthouse
💥 Limited 5 UNITS of duplexes
💥 Not released before. New configuration.
💥 Ultra Luxury Duplex Units
💥 Furnished by World famous designer Saporiti Italia

Priced at S$15.5M to S$16.5M each.

Play in the prime of City’s Midtown, Play in a District that embrace the fun of past, now, and future!

Highly anticipated mega development Midtown Modern!

Another massive mixed development by Guocoland!
Fusing WORK, LIVE, PLAY all in 1 area, Bugis!


✅ Right Above Bugis MRT Interchange!
✅ Resort Sanctuary In The City!
✅ Unveiling An Ultimate Work-Live-Play Concept!
✅ Breathtaking Views of Marina Bay and City!
✅ 558 Residential Units Only!

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