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LEVEL 1 ARRIVAL LOUNGE LEVEL 30 KARSTIC PEAK GARDEN THE GARDENS OF MIDTOWN MODERN CONTINUE ON EXPLORING THE GARDENS (LEVEL 3) Stay among the Gardens of Midtown Modern Close to the Summercourt Yard lies a great lawn where character abounds and kids play. Regional, a flow brings anyone to examine the woods. Summer Wood Crowned with appealing drop foliage, Autumn Timber transports anyone to an even more sub-tropical landscape, with excellent blushes of yellows, oranges, and reds. Autumn Timber Lining the golf judge is the Evergreen Hedgerow, a heavy perimeter of evergreen trees that partitions several gardens of various purposes. Evergreen Hedgerow Riparian Timber presents still another change of scenery, where in actuality the waterways underfoot are followed by side fronds and hanging epiphytes overhead. Riparian Wood By the end of the share may be the estuary stream, great for an positive soak, aromatic by the delicate odor of the flowering foliage. Estuary Wood Two therapeutic pools nestle within the rainforestlike place of the Hillock Grove, with their gurgling seas harmonising melodically with the rustling leaves. Hillock Grove Rustic rock paths lead to a teahouse pavilion by way of a lily pool, with flowering trees that heighten one’s senses to the beautiful colors of nature. Spring Wood Within the expansive Summercourt Backyard is an inviting 50-metre lap pool, surrounded by woods planted near to the water’s edge. Summercourt Garden After an energising game, adjourn to the Enjoy Pavilion, which has a big monitor tv for activities fans to view matches together. TENNIS COURT The little ones have a hideaway of their particular too. This really is their key space to play, envision, and be free. ADVENTURE PLAY Number a dynamic party at the Club, which comes designed with a large range of home appliances. CLUBHOUSE Swim temps underneath the outspread canopies of evergreen woods, and allow your mind drift away to the relaxing countryside. 50M L AP POOL Enjoy an invigorating soak in the hot onsen pool, or choose the bubbling jacuzzi to massage out your workday cares. HOT SPRING Read or reflect at the zen-inspired Tea House, while contemplating a tranquil view of a lush lily pond. TEA HOUSE A refuge to compose your ideas, or to make use of as an additional workspace, surrounded of course and the inspiration it brings. M IBRARY Start the afternoon with yoga at the Great Lawn, in the nurturing presence of character and the wonderful song of birds. GRAND LAWN
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Play in the prime of City’s Midtown, Play in a District that embrace the fun of past, now, and future!

Highly anticipated mega development Midtown Modern!

Another massive mixed development by Guocoland!
Fusing WORK, LIVE, PLAY all in 1 area, Bugis!

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👊 Right Above Bugis MRT Interchange!
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👊 Unveiling An Ultimate Work-Live-Play Concept!
👊 Breathtaking Views of Marina Bay and City!
👊 558 Residential Units Only!

🔥1BR FR $1.456M | 409sf
🔥1BR(B) FR $1.662M | 474sf
🔥2BR FULLY SOLD | 592sf
🔥2BR(B) FR $2.065M | 635sf
🔥2BR(P) FULLY SOLD | 721sf
🔥3BR FR $2.374M | 904sf
🔥3BR(P) FR $2.744M | 1066sf
🔥4BR FR $3.818M | 1442sf
🔥4BR(P) FR $4.804M | 1808sf

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